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Handmade magic created with pressed flowers that you can keep forever. We specialize in pressed bridal bouquets, pressed flower home decor and pressed flower phone cases.


the wildest flowers

My name is Kenzie Brinkman and I created The Wildest Flowers in early 2014. Throughout my life I crafted many Christmas gifts for family members out of the flower press that I used to the point of breaking. One Christmas present and a social media post later, I found myself on Etsy trying to create a name for a shop that I didn’t expect much to come from. When I landed on The Wildest Flowers, I honestly hated it. Now, I can’t imagine a more fitting name. I started with pressed flower phone cases and was very successful, leading into iPad cases, laptop cases and more. After creating a new design, The Wildflower, my shop truly took off. It is now the only phone case design I offer and I have made over 700 of them alone and proudly display a Best Seller badge under this item. After a small mental health sabbatical in mid 2019, I came back with a new passion: home decor. I made my first round, signed up for my first market, and the outcome was overwhelming. Prior to that I had pressed less than five wedding bouquets, something I am madly in love with doing, and was looking forward to doing more of. Between July and November of 2019 alone I received over 30 wedding bouquets. This job is truly my passion. It is a lot of work and hard work at that, but I love doing it day in and day out in my beautiful home office. I put a piece of my heart in every piece and I have been told that it shows. So, thank you for joining me on this journey and for taking the time to check out this labor of love,

XOXOX Kenzie


Prussian Street Arcade
49 North Main Street
Manheim, PA 17545


Absolutely gorgeous! The perfect happy pop of color for my home office. Seller is such a sweetheart, too!

Elyse Bronson

/ Oct 5, 2019
Absolutely wonderful seller! Extremely helpful and patient. I bought a set of magnets and they look amazing :) will definitely be back again!!


/ Aug 26, 2019
I bought this as a gift, and I can’t think of a more perfect item to serve as a reminder of the bond I share with the recipient. We gardened a lot together, and this one features some of our favorite flowers. I love how this shop honors the emotion and memory that many of these flowers carry for people. Immortalizing them in beautiful art is magical. Thank you!

Meredith Clemons

/ Sep 7, 2019
Gorgeous piece! Bought as a gift for a friend.

Erin Young

/ Sep 14, 2019

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