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About Us

Handmade magic created with pressed flowers that you can keep forever. We specialize in pressed bridal bouquets, pressed flower home decor and pressed flower phone cases.


I cannot press already dried flowers, as they need to be fresh, but there are two options for your flowers. I can do a pressed flower replication of your bouquet or do a shadow box representation of your already dried flowers (see Custom Work). If you would be interested in either of these, please fill out the Custom Orders form. Thank you!

Yes, contact me via my email or phone number and we will arrange something ASAP!

Due to the overwhelming amount of support/orders I receive, my minimum wait time is 3 months. Typically, there are 20-30 brides “in line” before yours, so I have to finish those before working on the newest bouquets I receive. My maximum wait time is 6 months, unless extenuating circumstances arise.

Definitely not. The beauty of pressing flowers is that some become darker when pressed, some lighter, and some the exact same. It will be all of the same colors as your fresh bouquet, but in a variety of different hues and tones once pressed. Overall, it will look very similar but NOT “exactly” the same.

I do! I offer a 70 minute pre-recorded class on 5 different ways to press flowers or I post a monthly 10-20 minute long video on flower pressing and an array of other pressed flower crafts via my Patreon.

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