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About Us

Handmade magic created with pressed flowers that you can keep forever. We specialize in wedding bouquet preservations, pressed flower home decor and more. The Wildest Flowers is inclusive to every walk of life, love, gender, sexuality, etc. We believe Black Lives Matter, love is love and that all humans are created equally. We encourage you to do the same and urge you to reach out if you have any questions on learning resources, charities to donate to, etc. Thank you for reading, XOXOX

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Forever flower art, custom made just for you. This job is my dream come true and I'm excited to turn your bouquet into your dream come true. Thank you for considering TWF for this sentimental piece.

How It Works:
1. Check the calendar below to see if your date is available. Booked? Email us anyways, we have options! If available, click the above link for our form.

2. After filling that out, I will contact you via email to discuss details. You only need to put down a $150 non-refundable deposit and sign a contract to secure your date, NO final framing decisions will be made at the time of booking.

3. Our preservations are extremely custom so our prices vary. Our minimum cost  is $300 and that covers a 9x12 basic white oak frame. See our current framing options and our prices here -

4. After we receive your fresh flowers we will press them right away and they will stay in their presses for 3-6 weeks.

5. After that they will be unpacked and stored safely until we are ready to work with them. NOTE: We do not slowly work on preservations, the wait is due to other preservations being finished prior to yours in the order they were received. We start working with your flowers once your frames are picked and remaining balance is paid.

6. Your deposit goes towards your final costs and those are due two weeks prior to me completing your preservation. Once you have paid your final costs, your piece(s) will be ready for pick up/to ship within 7-10 business days. 
I DO OFFER PAYMENT PLANS for those who need them.

7. Our processing time is minimum 3 months and maximum 6 months.

8. We have 70-100 clients at once so regular updates aren't always feasible so please make sure to access the Preservation Portal to see your status. Feel free to reach out whenever you would like to inquire about your preservation.

Other info is below and if your question is still not answered, please reach out! Thank you for taking time to read everything, I look forward to working with you!

Bouquet Pick Up/Drop Off:
Bouquet drop off is free and our address is 202 State Street, Harrisburg, PA. Bouquets within a 1 hour radius, there is a $1.00 per mile pick up fee round trip. Bouquets 1+ hours away, there is a $2.00 per mile pick up fee round trip. Halfway meet ups will also be charged for any amount of time over 20 minutes. 

Out of State Brides:
Proper care and packaging of your bouquet post ceremony is essential for the most beautiful preservation. We will send a video with detailed instructions on how to ship, please make sure to watch it carefully and ask us any questions you may have. 
    Availability Calendar
    Please check your date to see if it's available. If it is blank, we have availability! If it states your date is fully booked, please contact us and we might have another option for you. IF THE WEEKEND IS UNMARKED, THAT MEANS I'M FULLY AVAILABLE. 

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